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Alaska Aviation System Plan Phase I Documents

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Phase I of the AASP occurred from 2008 to 2013 and created the foundation of the AASP website and CIMP inspection program as well as other special studies, reports and videos documentation the importance of aviation across Alaska. All documents are listed below and available for download.

Phase I Executive Summaries

2013 Executive Summary

2011 Executive Summary

Intra-Alaska Mail Service by Air

Fact Sheets and Overviews

AASP Fact Sheet & Project Overview

AASP Special Studies Overview

Impacts of Rising Airport Commodity Prices Fact Sheet

Rural Airport Deferred Maintenance Fact Sheet

Costs of Federal Regulatory Requirements Fact Sheet

Final Reports

Alaska Aviation System Plan Final Report (2013)

Yukon-Kuskokwim Region Air Vs. Roads Access Construction and Maintenance Baseline Cost Comparison (2013)

Airport Needs Inspection Pilot Project (2013)

AASP Mission, Goals, Measures, & Classifications (2011)

Final AASP Forecast Report (2011)

AIP Equipment Sustainability Analysis

Aviation Functions within State of Alaska DOT&PF (2010)

AASP Phase 1, Stage 1 Executive Summary (2008)

AASP Phase 1, Stage 1 Final Report (2008)

   Appendix A - Document Index

   Appendix B - Forecast Documentation

   Appendix C - Economic Impacts Documentation

   Appendix D - Initial Outreach and Issues

   Appendix E - Public Involvement Plan

   Appendix F - AASP 2008 Mailing List

   Appendix G - Decision Making Structure

   Appendix H - Inventory and Database Documentation

   Appendix I - Website Documentation

   Appendix J - Airspace and Navaids Documentation

Economic Impact Information

The Economic Contribution of the Aviation Industry to Alaska's Economy - Full Report

The Economic Contribution of the Aviation Industry to Alaska's Economy - Brochure

An Economic Analysis of Runway Extensions - Full Report

An Economic Analysis of Runway Extensions - Brochure

Economic and Community Contributions of Selected Alaska Airports: 12 Case Studies - Full Report

Bethel Airport: Economic Contributions  - Brochure

Deadhorse Airport: Economic Contributions - Brochure

Eek Airport: Economic Contributions - Brochure

Fairbanks International: Economic Contributions - Brochure

Haines Airport: Economic Contributions - Brochure

Hooper Bay Airport: Economic Contributions - Brochure

Iliamna Airport: Economic Contributions - Brochure

Juneau Airport: Economic Contributions - Brochure

Kodiak Airport: Economic Contributions - Brochure

Kotzebue Airport: Economic Contributions - Brochure

Talkeetna Airport: Economic Contributions - Brochure

Wasilla Airport: Economic Contributions - Brochure

Aviation Videos

Aviation - Alaska's Lifeline Video (2012)

Aviation - Alaska's Lifeline Fact Sheet

Aviation Lifeline - Counting the Cost Video (2012)

Aviation Lifeline - Counting the Cost Fact Sheet

Aeronautical Surveys - Flight Procedures Work Group

Aeronautical Survey and Instrument Flight Procedures Fact Sheet (2012)

Aeronautical Survey and Instrument Flight Procedure Work Group Prioritization Methodology (2012)


Last updated: December 6, 2021