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Phase II (2013-2019) Project Schedule

Prior AASP Studies

Alaska Aviation System Plan (AASP) updates were completed in 1986 and 1996. In 2008, the DOT&PF began a continuous aviation system planning process, where ongoing airport system planning is conducted, prior work updated, and emerging issues addressed. Phase I of the plan spanned 2008 to 2013, with a wide range of topics addressed, and Phase II is underway from through mid-2019. Phase I topics are addressed at Deliverables 2008-2013 and documents can be downloaded from the Documents Tab.


AASP Work in Phase II

Phase II of the AASP continues to set the vision for Alaska aviation. We welcome you to remain up-to-date on the current contract by checking this site or contacting for questions or comments.


Completed Phase II Work:

  • Continual identification of current aviation system planning issues 
  • Ongoing public involvement plan
  • Internal and external website enhancements including new website facelift
  • An annual rural aviation strategic plan
  • Creation and enhancements to the Capital Improvement & Maintenance Program (CIMP), with over 200 inspections completed to date.
  • Expansion of the CIMP application to the Apple iPad
  • Digitalization of the Airport Project Evaluation Board (APEB) Process
  • Automated Airport Needs Book
  • Backcountry Airstrip and Weather Work Groups
  • Seaplane Base Performance Measures Work Group
  • Performance measure adoption and automation
  • Pavement classification number (PCN) reporting
  • Public photo management module
  • Updated Economic Contribution to Alaska's Economy, with new data and trends for Alaska's rural and international aviation systems
  • Final Phase II system planning report is now available on the Documents page


Phase III expected fall of 2019!


For more information on any past or ongoing AASP tasks, please contact Project Manager Rebecca Douglas at


Updated 9/16/19